Arcane Triumvate

Located in Perth this threefold school is among the foremost of wizardly institutions. It was founded in the year 87 AC by headmaster Runnin Orthar, a highly respected archmage. The school has since then expanded and improved the quality of its services. It is ruled by three headmasters, teaches the wizardly schools of the orb, wand and staff, provides teaching, magical services and does research. Most important and powerful arcanists from The Hearthlands have at one time studied at the Triumvate. It also runs several international intermagical exchange programs with similar institutions across Angmar, including Eladrin, Dwarven and Molatti schools.

In recent decades the Arcane Triumvate has opened several smaller schools across The Hearthlands. Most of these are for simple teaching and magical services. Talented young men and women are offered a scholarship for study in Perth.

The small Triumvate wizardly school located in Cato

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Arcane Triumvate

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