The Savage Lands

1. Merel
2. Lake Tokinn
3. Wenbree
4. Clan Lowsmasher
5. Eythernu/Millianae
6. The Cold North: Clan Rededge, Moldava
7. Thiavalna
Dragon’s Nest
Blackwater Swamp

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These harsh lands are filled with rugged plains hills and stretches of mountains. As the north-western part of the continent it is bordered by The Great Ocean to the north and west. To its south lies the Towering Wood and east the Star Desert. The area shows great differences, both in races (many monstrous, many different humanoids) as its climate (temperate to the south, cold to the north) and terrain (plains, forests, hills, mountains and even swamp). Constant violent bands of orcs and other more dangerous creatures make The Savage Lands deadly for the unprepared.

1. MerelBack to Top

Merel is a tiny village at the mouth of an entrance to a strange mountain. It is very remote and hardly ever visited. Due to its small nature, it has avoided major conflicts with surrounding monstrous races. A small temple dedicated to Regin holds the center of the town and most if not all of its inhabitants are devout worshipers. Several dragons are rumored to have made their lair in the area, served by lesser races. Gnomes, halflings and Dragonborn have also been spotted.

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This area rich is relatively peaceful compared to the rest of The Savage Lands. Plains and the occasional hill surround Lake Tokinn. Its only major disturbance is the yearly invasion of hordes of orcs that come crashing down the mountains to the west of the lake, swarming across the countryside. They remain for a few months at most, eventually returning to the mountains or dying out due to internal or external fights. South of Lake Tokinn next to its river once lied the city of Tokinn before it was destroyed by a yearly orc invasion from the mountain orcs. Next to it also lies the once beautiful Corrupted forest. Etanen is a relatively large city ruled by nobles, many of which fled the old Tokinn city before it fell. It has so far fended of the Orcish invasions by careful use of its cavalry and according to many; bribery. The once honest nobles have begun to increasingly oppress and exploit the commoners in and around Etanen.
Tokinn forest directly west of the lake is rumored to be cursed and locals refuse to enter it. Alder wood to the south east of Etanen is rumored to be controlled by a single witch, whom single handedly holds off Etanen’s attempts at setting up wood logging operations.

Southern Region of The Savage Lands (open picture in a new window to see it enlarged)

3. WenbreeBack to Top

A halfling village turned city and haven for the many halflings of Angmar. Friendly, fair it has become a common meeting place for many different peoples and races, including some remaining nomadic Dragonborn. In the past many refugees from conflict areas have traveled and found a home in Wenbree. It thrives mainly on the selling of wool and tabacco. Due to its position it also serves as a pass through market for the Star items from The Shining Lands.

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A clan of proud Dwarves from the deep mountains in the west of The Savage Lands. It is very isolated (especially compared to the nearby Liberarbis to the south, which openly welcomes all people). Rumors suggest it is strictly ruled by Dwarven families of the Earth bloodline.

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The massive forrest to the west of the Savage Lands, right next to the cliffs of The Great Ocean. Home to many minor tree-villages of Wood Elves that have only recently returned to full strength after the wars. The return of the High Elves of the city Millianae from the Feyworld in the eastern part of the forest has caused quite a stir. Locals are having a hard time adapting to return of such a vast power in their own ‘backyard’. In the north of the forest several druidic tribes live their somewhat primitive lives. Foreigners have never been very welcome in Eythernu, especially with the tension due to the return of the Eladrin.

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A harsh and difficult terrain filled with hills and mountains, few dare travel to the northern parts of the Savage Lands. By far the most uncivilized places of all Angmar, the only rule that binds its people is the rule of survival. The Dwarven clan of Rededge an mainly human city of Moldava have managed to survive out here.

7. ThiavalnaBack to Top

Not much is known about this forest city.

Dragon’s NestBack to Top

A rocky island off the coast near Eythernu forest. As its name implies it is littered with various dragons, of which one is rumored to rule the others by brute force. The Elves of Eythernu forest call it ‘Jhar Vaerendri’ which translates to ‘the last refuge’ and consider it a place one is forbidden to go, so the last of the Dragonkind may live there in peace. There are rumors that an Air Blooded family also takes residence here.

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An gigantic swamp in the southern part of the Savage Lands. Much is unknown about it and few dare enter. Those who do are never seen again. Rumors claim dragons, witches, hags and other vile creatures make their living amidst the poisonous gasses expulsed by the swamp.

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