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The continent of Angmar is vast with many different landscapes, cultures and climates. Historically it has always been divided into seven seperate parts based on these differences. As one would expect, there is a much overlap between neighbouring areas. For a more in debt description of each individual part, click the corrosponding area name.

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An unpopulated, rough area with many vile creatures and old ruins. It is quite beautiful to behold, but can be deadly to traverse. The most remaining Dragons and Dragonborn in Angmar currently live within The Savage Lands.

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The Towering Wood is the most ancient and largest forest of Angmar. It is relatively densely populated by Elves (both wood and high) and other forest creatures. In the north lies the infamous city of Liberarbis; the free city of all peaceful races. To its south are the many wood elven tree-top cities. These have been in several conflicts and small scale wars with the humans from the Hearthlands. The eastern part of the Towering Wood is inhabited by many dangerous and gigantic creatures as well as Inzuban sects.

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The Imperial lands are densely populated by the distant descendents of the colonists from the Old World. It’s many great cities are ruled by Emperor Belisarius the first, although they each remain largely autonomous. The Hearthland people consider themself the most civilized of all Angmar. Whilst outsiders see them as a cesspool of political intrige, mixed with lobbying corperations and temples. Their high demand for resources make them dependent upon surrounding powers and prevents the empire from using its large military. Although some claim it is only a matter of time before it will begin taking the required resources for its own. The southern portion is secluded and ruled by New Niasi, yet still part of the Empire.

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This enormous and ancient rainforest lives up to its name, it is almost continually beset by eternal rains. The few cities it holds are vast and beautiful beyond comparison. The recently returned Eladrin city of Lumenia besides Fey Lake is said to have been build by The Graceful One himself.

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A large part of Angmar that covers both the Star Desert as the south-eastarn parts of Angmar. Although its culture its similiar; all are heavily focused upon acquiring wealth and protecting their strange sense of honor. Its merchants are said to have golden tongues blessed by Gadi Himself. They are however the supplier of many products that are unavailable elsewhere, so one usually ends up trading with a Shining wether one wants it or not.

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The once destroyed cities of Molatti are slowly being rebuild and repopulated. Although officially all nobles of the old Molatti Empire are dead, some have presumably survived to regain power behind the scenes. There is much to do and take in this area, but its people do have a strange tendancy to literally sell their soul for it. The Mollati volcanos and ruins will both awe and scare all who lay their eyes upon them.

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Although many miles apart and not connected to the mainland, most consider The Islands separate, but a part of Angmar. Not much is known about them and very few people from the mainland visit any of the Islands. The Merfolk attack outsiders on sight, the Pirates are as likely to slit your throat as talk to you, the Fenven islands hold several canibalistic tribes and the sea surrounding Ridyah dissolves the very wood of ships like acid. Although recent rumors suggest that the Eladrin city of ‘Oarae’ has recently returned from the Fey World, this is as of yet unconfirmed.

The Lands

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