Life is blood and your blood is life. You have grown up in touch with all living things around you, and need but reach out to become aware of their presence. A Life Blooded creature’s connection to The Great Spirit grants him or her power over all those around him. Nearly unravished by age, you are the perfect leader forever capable of staying in touch with his or her subjects. As such the loyalty and devotion of your subjects allows you to create an age such as mankind has never seen before.

Physical characteristics
Those with the Life Bloodline have a range of dark purple to bright pink irises. As the bloodline strength increases the iris becomes larger and eventually the entire eyes change color. A relativly unknown and somewhat strange phenomenon has also been described. If one should ever check the pulse of someone with the Bloodline of Life he or she will notice that as minutes pass most other non-blooded, living creatures in the room will have their hearts beating in unison with the blooded regent. Unknown to most; Life Blooded are very fertile. A Life blooded fetus grows fast and is often delivered several weeks ahead of time. Other physical characteristics vary by family. (Players are encouraged to come up with intresting characteristics for their PCs.)

Common personality traits
In perfect tune with all those you, the Life Blooded show great empathy and ability to care for others. They have an uncanny ability to evoke the same in most people they meet. Your bloodline effortlessly creates a great connection to those around you. When you step into a room, you can determine the atmosphere within seconds, often even knowing how to adjust it. You approach the world in your relations to others, at your best when carefully leading those around you. When the time comes you are there to make the harsh decisions, but until then your uncanny ability to understand others allows you to seek compromises where none could be found before. You are a realist in so far that all that you do is for the benefit of others and find it hard to tolerate waste or cruelty. Being friendly, affectionate, dependable and at part of many social networks is common for Life Blooded. The need for strong bonds and connections to those around you leave you wanting when there are none to be had. Losing a friend or family-member is often even harder one a Life Blooded. As you require connections, there is a deep innate desire to ensure that everyone likes you, which can at times be difficult to ignore.

Gain a +1 divine bonus to their heal skill and the Lifebending power
You may also start out with Bloodline feats, ask your DM. Even the most thin-blooded Life-blooded usually have longer natural life spans than other members of their race.

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