Depiction of Issim

’The power of the mind is infinite.’

Issim is the neutral good God of psionics. His titles are the Serene, the Wise and the Archpsion. Issim’s domains are psionics, meditation, mind and wisdom. Many who worship him are psions, wilders, psychic warriors, mindblades or monks. He and his church actively recruit psionics wherever they can find them, offering them guidance and acceptance. Although Issim rarely shows himself, he is often depicted as a bald humanoid in the garbs of a monk, with a sort of wise look about him. His emblem is a bald head, usually one of a human, with blue waves emanating from it, representing the power of the mind.

The following requires knowledge religion

Issim (neutral good)
Titles: The Serene, the Wise and the Archpsion

Issim’s church is well organized but relatively new. Since its creation they have steadily began spreading His faith, building churches in major cities and shrines across the world. So far this has proven to be only moderately successful. A lot of the newer generation of psionics are seeing the benefits of the Serene and his church though, causing a steady flow of new worshipers. Lately non-psionics, monks and such, have also been joining his ranks. Issim’s clerics spend most of their time teaching psionics and others the ‘Serene Wy of the Mind’, a way of life first taught by Issim himself. Meditation plays a big part in the Serene Way. His church and clergy always accept those seeking refuge in their midst as long as they don’t do anything opposing the good teachings of Issim. The Wise himself leads his church with attention. All important decisions are made by him, he personally picks clergy to lead in his absence. Issim has also inspired the rising of an order of monks, many of whom are psionically gifted. They call themselves ‘The Serene fists’. They usually execute the ‘less diplomatic projects that are required. With a relatively large influx of new faithful many experienced clerics of Issim have been forced to take multiple pupils to teach the ‘Serene way of the Mind’ and other clerical matters. They do this in the churches and temples dedicated to The Serene. The Fists of Zlanm enforce a rigid training program in remote monastaries. Nearly all of Issim’s clerics are multiclassed as psionics or monks.
Issim has little or no relation with most other Gods. Mutaali is however, nearly always by his side in case of need as well as the other way around. He has also met with Shalliandra and the Companion, with good results. The Serene also desires to safely meet The Mad someday, hoping to gain insight into its crazed mental condition. Next to that Issim also wants to meet with Barma, about her occasional glimpses into the future. She has so far not responded to his proposals to meet. He has avoided the other Gods, although many, especially Atylia, wants to meet him in person.
His is the only path to the True Serene Way of the Mind. Follow Him and find enlightenment. Open your Mind to all, find Wisdom in yourself and others. The Archpsion’s way is not of brute force nor treacherous manipulation, his way is that of wisdom and meditation. Those who follow Issim shall know true Serenity and Wisdom achieving things beyond imagination. Let Issim into your mind, guiding your thoughts and psionic powers by Wisdom alone. He shall guide you to a better way of life; to Divine Serenity.
Although many quests required by the church are tasked to his own faithful, the small size of his church requires him to sometimes require the aid of others. His quests are often related to psionics in some way, such as stopping evil psionics or even aiding psionic research by capturing psionic creatures. He sometimes hires mercenaries to defend some of his new churches or clergy whom need protection.
Prayers to The Wise are always short and carefully worded. They often praise the powers of the mind and the meditation they’ve learned from Issim, that vastly improves these powers. His clergy pray for their spells at sunrise, when their mind is well rested and serene.
Issim has several important holy days. His most important one is the date he revealed himself to the world. Starting 24 hours before that day all followers who are able spend 36 hours mostly in meditation, without eating or sleeping. Once this is over, they celebrate the remaining 12 hours of that day. In most area’s with large churches dedicated to Issim present, many of his followers flock to the holy grounds and perform their meditation on its grounds.

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