A hot, raging inferno flows through your blood. It brings vitality, energy and power! Power to destroy, power to create and above all power to rule! Those of the Fire bloodline are natural leaders, capable of changing the world for many years to come by both conquest and creation.

Physical characteristics
Dark or light red irises are the prime characteristic of all Fire Blooded. As your blood powers grow, your eyes will turn fully red. A person with this bloodline will also have a core temperature that is several degrees higher than others of their kind. They will feel warm to the touch and are often under dressed for the climate. Some superstitious people falsely believe that because of their red eyes, all Fire Blooded are in fact followers of The Mad, this is further enforced by the fact that many of this bloodline are monstrous creatures whom in fact do evil in The Mad’s name. Other physical characteristics vary by family. (Players are encouraged to come up with interesting characteristics for their PCs.)

Common personality traits
Creatures with the fire bloodline exemplify high spirits, great faith in self, enthusiasm, and direct honesty. Your bloodline nature projects a radiant, vitalizing energy that seems to glow with warmth and exuberance. You need a good deal of freedom to express yourself naturally, and you will usually display a fairly unrelenting insistence on your own point of view. You put all of yourself in whatever you do. You are intensely assertive, individualistic, active and self-expressive. People of your bloodline stimulate people who are more lethargic, but often your energies overpower or exhaust the more retiring or more sensitive type. Good natured and fun-loving, you have many friends and you are generous with your time, energy, and resources. You place a far greater value on having a good time than on material possessions. For all the natural generosity displayed by those of this fiery bloodline, they are also famous for the big egos they frequently demonstrate. You may believe so strongly in your own powers and abilities that you overlook and frequently fail to take advantage of the talents and abilities of others. You try to do it all yourself and don’t delegate well. Despite this damaging flaw in your managerial ability, you belong to a group that is the most daring and capable inspiring in a management sense; the natural leaders. In battle, sports or among merchants, it is usually the fire blooded out front leading the charge. You are the type of leader that is very independent and individualistic, rarely consulting with others for advice. You are constantly out front or “on stage” and you need to be recognized and admired for your attainment and accomplishments. Appreciation is more important than money in your estimation. Nothing hurts more than being ignored. The fire blooded sense of honesty is straightforward and often child-like. Thus, you believe everyone is, like yourself, an open book. You may be somewhat gullible and naive.

You gain a +1 divine bonus to the intimidate skill and can now use the Firebending power
You may also start out with Bloodline feats, ask your DM.

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