The eternal resillience of the Earth is infused into your every fiber. Like a mountain you stand strong against any hardship, endure all that avails you! With your steady guidance and hard work you are capable of building an empire of vast proportions, unrivaled in the many eons to come.

Physical characteristics
All of the Earth bloodline have dark or light green eye colors. Those with strong bloodlines have no more irises, but instead have entirely green eyes. The skin of an Earth Blooded is rough and their hands feel not unlike someone whom has performed manual labor all his life. Strong brows, jaws and other similar facial features are common as well. Other physical characteristics vary by family. (Players are encouraged to come up with interesting characteristics for their PCs.)

Common personality traits
You are cautious, premeditative, conventional, and dependable. You are the type of person who lives by a practical, common sense code; stable, and concerned with physical well-being rather than spiritual attainment. You are quite responsible, if a bit rigid, methodical and detail-conscious. The term “down to earth” may suit you quite well. It might be said that you are one of those people who is very well adjusted to life on this world. A concern for the physical or material world makes you very much the realist. You are an organizer, a builder, and a hard-worker. You also value others who do the job that is required of them. The earth bloodline powers provide you with the skills and attitude necessary to succeed readily in the world of business. So pragmatic, you don’t often gamble or take unnecessary chances. You understand the reality of a situation and you understand value, both in a material and in a human sense. Your approach to people is much the same as your approach to life. You are reliable and steadfast. You are predictable and you don’t like surprises. Dependability, diligence and a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to life are your greatest strengths. Lack of ideas or imagination, dullness, rigid conservatism, extreme materialism, and blind adherence to rules and regulations are your potential faults.

You gain a +1 divine bonus to the endurance skill and can now use the Earthbending power
You may also start out with Bloodline feats, ask your DM.

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