Divine Blood

Those of Divine Blood are creatures that have become infused by Divine creatures called The Ancients. Forefathers of the Old World, they created life itself and were supposedly vastly superior to even The Gods. Their Divine touch enables a Blooded regent to attune him, her or itself to the Land. As such they are unparalleled leaders capable of many things. On a more personal level they are capable of many feats of power. There are five divine bloodlines: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Life with associated abilities. The estimated ratio’s of the bloodline occurrence are: Fire: 48%, Life 30%, 12% earth, 9% water and 1% air.
Bloodlines are passed down the generations; father and mother to their children. Or they can be taken by usurption and other means; see 4th edition House Rules

The most common bloodline, many Fire Blooded are monstrous creatures. History teaches us that every great military campaign has had it roots a strong Fire Blooded.

Relatively common amongst such races as the Dwarves. Most vast wondrous structures have been created by Earth Blooded.

Most of this bloodline derivation are inhabitants of the The Islands, surrounded by their element. They are enigmatic and much about them is unknown even amongst scholars.

By far the rarest of all bloodlines, the few known families are equally prevalent across all races except the Dwarves. All are very powerful and uncanny thinkers.

The second most common bloodline, especially amongst humans. These blooded families have grown highly influential as the greatest among them live very long lives.

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Also see 4th edition House Rules

Divine Blood

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