Dark Bloodline


Darkness is the utter nothingness, the release from all mortal matters, fears and doubts. Now that you are one with the shadow nothing else is of import. Through power and manipulation you take away what they have. Through corruption you convert them to see your way, the only path worth taking. With this you will be the void that will consume everything until only Darkness remains. Until only you remain, unchallenged: absolute.

Physical Characteristics
Dark Blooded physical signs mimic those of other bloodlines, although they usually have a darker, more sinister tone to them. Instead of purple eyes, they might be dark purple. Some might simply have completely black irises. While using Dark-Blooded powers many with little control might show their veins turning a dark, sickly black, shadows growing larger, skin becoming more white, eerie sounds to be heard, etc.

Common personality traits
Varies, although most seem to exhibit some degree of narcissism, arrogance and manipulative ways. In the best this allows them to lead with firm hand, in the worst it will cause them to corrupt all around them. Most are more cunning than others of their race. Although one might be inclined to see them as evil, their intentions are often not, and in fact some are in fact good-aligned.

Gain a +1 divine bonus to their stealth skill and the The Dark Bending power.

Dark Bloodline Feats:
You can choose any bloodline feat applicable as if you had the specific bloodline (in case of other requirements, you must still meet those). This include powers and resistances specific to other bloodlines. Some feats may also be Dark-blooded specific, such as dark-blooded powers and resistance. You can still opt to select power, resistance, etc. feats of other bloodlines. You can only gain one power of every type (at-will, encounter, daily, utility). Expect Dark Blooded powers to be of a hybrid type (any) with ability scores of Str and Int. Other bloodlines have their own applicable ability scores. Any bloodline feats you had before conversion remain (DM’s discretion), upon increasing the level of a bloodline power (such as via expanded bloodline feats) you may switch bloodline derivation.

Anti-thesis of Life; You gain vulnerability to radiant damage equal to 5+your number of bloodline feats. You gain a -1 penalty to all diplomacy checks. Lower your lowest defense by one (select one if two are equally low).

New Bloodlines (options) feats for Dark-Blooded

Bloodline feats Short description
Divine Resistance Gain resist against one energy type and an added defensive effect
Divine Health Gain a healing surge and bonus hit points based on the strength of your bloodline.
Overwhelming element Ignore the resistance of creatures you hit with attacks.
Shadow Double Gain an extra standard action by using your next round’s.
Presence of the Dark One Automatically deal necrotic damage to foes hurting you.
Shadow Mimicry Copy a power that an ally has just used.

Divine Resistance [Bloodline] – Back to top
Your Divine Blood protects you from harm, shields you from danger.
Prerequisites: Any Bloodline, Con 10
Benefit: Gain benefits dependent upon a bloodline derivation of your choice:
Fire: Resist fire 5 + (your bloodline score x 2), and a +4 divine bonus to initiative.
Earth: Resist acid 5 + (your bloodline score x 2), and a +2 divine bonus to your fortitude defense.
Water: Resist cold 5 + (your bloodline score x 2), and a +2 divine bonus to your will defense.
Air: Resist lightning 5 + (your bloodline score x 2), and a +2 divine bonus to your reflex defense.
Life: Resist radiant 5 + (your bloodline score x 2), gain resist necrotic 5 + (one half your number of bloodline feats; rounded down) and you only age one year over a total of ten years; this essentially increases your remaining natural lifespan tenfold.
Dark: Gain resist necrotic 5 + (your number of bloodline feats x 2), and a +2 divine bonus to initiative and one defense of your choice.
Special: If you already have a permanent resistance against that energy type, add half that resistance to the resistance gained by this feat, or half this resistance to the one you already had; whichever is higher.

Divine Health [Bloodline] – Back to top
Your bloodline grants you divine vigor, a supernatural ability to take damage and a physical trait related to your bloodline.
Prerequisites: Any Bloodline.
Benefit: Permanently gain one extra healing surge, in addition you gain +2 hit points for each bloodline feat you possess. You also gain an additional effect based on your choice of bloodline derivation:
-See the Heat: Fire blooded gain low light vision (or darkvision +1 if you already have low light vision)
-Sustenance of the soil: Earth blooded no longer need food to survive.
-Lungs of Water: Water blooded can breath underwater and no longer require water to survive.
-Forever breath: Air blooded no longer need (to breathe) air to live.
-Great Rejuvenation: Life blooded need only half their usual amount of sleep or meditation for an extended rest.
-Shadow Step: Dark-Blooded treat the first square of difficult terrain they move into each turn as normal terrain instead.

Overwhelming element [Bloodline] – Back to top
The sheer power of your inner elemental powers can overcome the defenses of supposedly resistant creatures.
Prerequisites: Any Bloodline.
Benefit: Your attacks ignore the first 5 points of resistance against an element of your choice. Fire for fire blooded, Acid for earth-blooded, cold for water-blooded, lightning for air blooded and radiant for life-blooded, necrotic for Dark Blooded.
Special: at paragon tier this increases to 10, at epic tier this increases to 15.

Shadow Double [Bloodline] – Back to top
Your shadow flows away from your body, quickly forming into a black doppelganger standing next to you. With a wicked grin it begins to assault your enemies with attacks similar to yours.
Prerequisites: Dark Bloodline
Benefit: You can choose to spend an extra standard action during your current turn. If you do, you lose your standard action next turn. Despite the flavor, for all intents and purposes you, yourself have spend that extra standard action. You must take an extended rest before you can create another Shadow Double. You cannot combine this effect with any other power that grants an extra standard action in the same turn (such as an action point).

Presence of the Dark One [Bloodline] – Back to top
Your Divine Bloodline exudes a majestic presence of utter power which affects all those around you, especially unblooded creatures.
Prerequisites: Dark Bloodline, cha 9, trained in intimidate.
Benefit: You gain a divine bonus to intimidate checks against non-blooded creatures equal to half your number of bloodline feats. If a foe damages you, you automatically deal one necrotic damage to that foe.
Special: at paragon tier the damage increases to two necrotic damage, at epic tier it becomes three necrotic damage.

Shadow Mimicry [Bloodline] – Back to top
Calling upon your Divine Bloodline you summon dark energies to copy your allies attacks, corrupting its true purpose to serve your own.
Prerequisites: Dark Bloodline
Benefit: Choose one power that one of your allies has just used this encounter. You can use this power as if you had it. If it is an attack power, use your Strength or Intelligence modifier instead of its usual ability modifier for attack and damage. In addition it only deals necrotic damage and gains the necrotic keyword (whilst losing other energy type keywords). Replace non-damaging effects dependent on ability modifiers by your bloodline score. (for example, if a power effects says teleport charisma modifier squares, it becomes teleport a number of squares equal to your bloodline score).
To power the mimicry you must expend a power of a similar type (encounter, daily, utility, etc.) and any other required costs (healing surges, etc.). All requirements to use the power must be met, (new) targets and effects must be legal (for example you cannot use a power that only works on a failed saving throw, if you have not actually failed one). You can only mimic the last power used by a visible ally, if he or she has used another you can only copy the new one. You must take an extended rest before using this power again.

New Non-Bloodline (normal) Feats:

Shaded Physique [Bloodline] – Back to top
Your body and mind are uniquely suited to channeling the powers of the Dark Bloodline
Prerequisites: Dark Bloodline
Benefit: You can use an ability score of your choice for attack rolls and damage rolls with Bloodline Powers.

Dark Bloodline

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