‘I have endured far worse then the likes of you! I fear no spirit and you will be purified like all others who have stood against me!’

Dahli is the chaotic neutral Barbarian Goddess of Courage. Some of her other titles are the Barbarian Queen, the Warlord, The Purifier and the Cleanser. Her domains are purification, strength, repose and courage. Barbarians, fighters, psychic warriors and spirit shamans are most frequent among her worshippers. She and her faithful aim to purify the world of all that needs cleansing by means of force. So they vanquish undead and excorise spirits wherever they find them. Although her appearance varies, most people see Dahli as a strong barbarian women with a bloody greatsword in her hand. Her emblem is a (usually great)sword, of which the hilt is a closed fist.

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Dahli (chaotic neutral)
Titles: The Purifier, Barbarian Queen, the Warlord and the Cleanser

The church of the Barbarian Queen is loosely organised in many branches spread across Angmar. It is only barely represented in the major cities. It can be roughly divided between clerics and spirit shamans. Many barbarian tribes worship her and as they are often nomadic, they do not use elaborate temples as place of worship. She does have several churches dedicated to her across the continent though. Most of them in city’s and others on the edge of civilisation. Clergy of Dahli seek out and destroy any spirit or undead they can find. They usually do not distinguish between good and evil spirits or undead in this matter. Among the barbaric tribes, they serve the role of shaman. A wiseman or woman next to their normal tasks as cleric to the Purifier. Clerics of Dhali often multiclass as barbarians or spirit shamans and rarely as fighters or psychic warriors.
The Barbarian Queen deeply despises Atylia for her creation and use of undead. Since undead are once-living creatures animated by spiritual forces. In fact her fierce and courageous nature has caused several direct deity to deity fights with Atylia. This has made her look somewhat of a liability in the eyes of most Gods, who rightfully fear a ‘Godswar’. Atylia rather dislikes direct combat unless needed, so she usually just stays out of Dhali’s way. Regin, Inzuban, Mutaali and Issim have often been allies in her fight against vile spirits. She is very appreciative with the Oracle, whom has helped her in locating powerful spirits, undead and uncovering truth from falsehoods when the Purifier encountered webs of deceit. She actually wants to improve her relation with Barma, but sadly The Oracle remains distant despite her regular advice. Other then that Dhali simply ignores the other Gods and focuses on her own goals as long as their actions don’t bother her. Shalliandra seeks to bring solace to the raging spirit of Dahli, but is finding a hard time making contact so far.
Fight like a true barbarian, with everything you’ve got. Once committed to fight, cut with all might. Find courage in your faith in Dahli and use it to vanquish your enemies. Purify the world of all spirits and undead in the name of the Purifier, for they do not belong here. Exorcise and destroy them without mercy. Their presence defiles all we stand for! Despair not, for even in the most dire of situations The Barbarian Queen will be with you. She will help you fight back and find glory. Never back down for something you stand for. Stay true to the Purifier and no unnatural spirit or undead will leave your sight unscathed!
Followers of Dahli are often quested to find and slay a spirit or undead, sometimes even benign ones. Helping a barbarian tribe or slaying a powerful caster that is animating undead.
Dahli does not require many prayers of her followers, although she does appreciate them. Prayers to her are only as long as they need be, with simple, direct wording. Clerics to Dhali pray in the morning at first sunlight.
The biggest holy day is the day the Barbarian Queen ascended to Godhood. During this day, the faithful to Dhali feast the entire day in her name. Among the barbarian tribes, this day is a universal day of cease fire and one where multiple tribes often come together to celebrate the holy day. In fact many plan their nomadic routes months in advance to meet up with other tribes. They celebrate this day in a less civilized fashion as their non-barbarian counterparts; things such as sacrificing animals and having duels are not uncommon.

A cleric of Dahli

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