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Strange insect like creatures that live in massive nests and scour the countryside for food, often harassing local residents. They are primarily located in The Savage Lands. There are many subtypes of Kruthik, such as the queen, workers, adult Kruthik and various specialized kinds.

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Originating from the Ancient Tiefling kingdom Molatti, it is believed they were created by mutating common insects with demonic magic. Queens with workers were then deployed near warzones or enemy civilian populations to reproduce and harass the enemy. Used in their war against the Dragonborn kingdom of Arkhosia to decent effect. Eventually the Dragonborn found some unknown means to counter the Kruthik threat, and the creatures became nearly extinct. They were rarely encountered during end of the war and after it. Recently the creatures have made a comeback and many have been seen with strange new mutations.

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Each nest of Kruthik is run by a single queen. It is presumed she has full control over all of her minions, whom have little to no individuality. The queen supposedly produces many eggs each hour, which hatch to produce small Kruthik. These then later on develop into various types of Kruthik such as workers, guards, etc.
Different nests of Kruthik have been known to vary in their reactions to each other. Some may be allied, some are in conflict, and some may ignore each other completely.

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Brute A huge specialized Kruthik, recently seen in The Savage Lands