Bloodline Rituals

Bloodline Feat List

Bloodline feats Short description
Veil bloodline Hide the physical characteristics of your bloodline.
Bloodline Investiture Directly transfer your bloodline powers to another creature upon your death.
Blood Oath You swear an unbreakable oath upon your Divine Blood.
Bless Land Requires Knowledge Bloodlore.
Blood Ward Requires Knowledge Bloodlore.
Sever Bloodline Requires Knowledge Bloodlore.

Performing a bloodritual is alot like performing normal rituals, it follows much the same rules with a few exceptions. You do not need the ritual casting feat, and the key skill is always ‘knowledge bloodlore’ (see new skills in 4th edition House Rules). The other major difference is that you do not need to keep a ritual book or a written description of the ritual to perform it. Once you have performed a bloodritual once, knowledge of its workings are forever instilled into your very blood. Most blooded would say that once you start the ritual with the appropriate components your blood takes over and the ritual performs itself. Knowledge of a bloodritual can be learned from others, by written explanation, etc.

Veil bloodline [Bloodline] – Back to top
This ritual hides the most obvious physical characteristics of your bloodline. For example, your eyecolor change to that of any other of your race.

Level: 1 Category: Deception Time: 15 minutes
Duration: one month Component Cost: 5 gp Market Price: 250 gp

A very common ritual performed by many blooded in the civilized world to hide their powers or lower the chances of assasination. It is known among most blooded and many have perfected the rituals over the years to reduce the material costs to a bare minium. The veil only hides your physical characteristics for casual observers, when closely studied you ‘only’ gain a +5 check vs. opposing perception checks. Using bloodpowers (not bending!) negates the effects of the veil for a full 10 minutes after the last power used.

Bloodline Transfer [Bloodline] – Back to top
You transfer a part of your bloodline power to another willing individual by means of a terrible and dangerous bloodritual.

Level: 8 Category: Restoration Time: 1d4 hours
Duration: Instantaneous Component Cost: 1.250 gp Market Price: 3.550 gp

By performing this ritual you rip a part of your divine bloodline from your own body/soul and infuse it into another willing individual. By directly transferring your bloodline strength, in effect you lose a bloodline feat and the other person gains one. The effect is permanent and irreversible unless the other person performs the ritual on you. If you have but one bloodline feat, performing this ritual will kill you and might kill the target.
The ritual is severely taxing to the individual. You must make a Bloodlore check to see if both participants will survive. For each difference in number of bloodline feats between both the giving and receiving party, your check has a -5 penalty. For example transferring bloodline strength between a creature with 3 bloodline feats to one with 2 bloodline feats, the check will get a -5 penalty.

Bloodlore check result Effect
10 or lower Death to target, single death saving throw to survive for giving creature.
15 Damage equal to the targets maximum hit points to both participants.
20 Damage equal to one-half the targets maximum hit points to both participants.
25 Damage equal to one-fourth the targets maximum hit points to both participants.

Blood Oath [Bloodline] – Back to top
By means of this ritual and your divine blood you speak the words of a solemnly sworn oath, and bind your very soul to the words uttered.

Level: 6 Category: Warding Time: 5 minutes
Duration: permanent Component Cost: 800 gp Market Price: 1.600 gp

You lay a task or duty upon yourself, or a willing blooded individual. The oath cannot be broken save by death of the blooded creature. This ritual can only be performed on someone willing, without any form of compulsion, he or she gains knowledge of the exact effect of the ritual during its course and can choose to cancel because of it.
Dawdling in your performance of your Blood Oath, or breaking a stricture you can recover from means you cannot recover healing surges and lose one each day. If you do not have any healing surges remaining as a result of your performance in your task, you die. The surges return by one each day if you once again continue to fulfill your divine oath. If you act directly against your Oath, you die. The Blood Oath bearer decides for him or herself if the Oath has been willingly broken or his or her performance is lacking. In this it is self regulatory and no form of personal lies can be used to circumvent it as the bearer will know his or her own lies to be false. If the Oath bearer feels it has been broken, it has been. If he or she does not, or has truly determined his or her action to be in duty of the oath, it is not broken. Most people however, rarely take risks in this regard. Unknowingly breaking the Oath, such as when the person is deceived into breaking it, will not cause death. It is only the opinion of the Oath bearer that matters in regard to whether the oath has been broken (thus if he or she did not know it while she was breaking the oath, he or she did not believe him or herself to be actively breaking it).
Many Oaths, duties or tasks bound by this ritual contain an end clause, even if it comes in the form of a seemingly impossible event (such as when there are two suns in the sky).

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Bloodline Rituals

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